Monday, March 2, 2015

Love Yeti

Brian Love art for sale on Land of Nod

Thanks, Kelly!

Bird Loves Me/Bird Loves Me Not

Either a bird is on yeti's head, or it's somewhere else nearby. Why do birds suddenly appear every time yeti's near?

And sometimes birds love the yeti, and sometimes they don't.

Let's examine the avian ambivalence.

Bird Loves Me
New Picture book out now: Yeti and the Bird by Nadia Shireen (amazon link)

Bird Loves Me Not

Kenya Danino

Bird Loves Me

Karly Jade

Bird Loves Me Not

Little Marc Jacob

Bird Loves Me
Diana van der Voort

Bird Loves Me Not

Felicia Cano

Bird Loves Me

Ken Wong

Bird Loves Me Not (well, is indifferent)

Rima Neverland

Friday, February 27, 2015

Not Yeti Friday - Owlbears

One of D&D's famous hybrids, the Owlbear...

Owlbear from The Croods


Zack Giallongo

Did you know we wouldn't have an owlbear at all if it wasn't for a cheap plastic Japanese kaiju figure? Gary Gygax used it as a miniature in his pre-D&D war games and nicknamed it "Owlbear". He included it in the original D&D:

Source: Tony DiTerlizz's blog

Here's a re-envisioning closer to the original depiction:

Hybrid 10: Rodent

Mouse-Yeti Hybrid

 Donald Duck encountered Rat-Yetis:

Hybrid 9: Platypus